Midas Prosecco Rose D.O.C

Midas Prosecco Rose D.O.C

Extra Brut | 11.5% vol
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Our signature rose prosecco. Midas Prosecco is grown from royal roots in the sun-soaked golden hills of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy.

Only the finest Glera grapes make up 90% of our unique liquid, with 10% Pinot Nero to give its blush colour. Typically, prosecco spends between 10-30 days on the lees, whereas Midas is in contact for 120 days. This extended time develops high quality characteristics such as finer, livelier bubbles, as well as a more rounded flavour and a crisp, fruity finish.

  • Midas bubbles are fine, lively and longer lasting.
  • A blushed pink liquid, a defined mark of quality.
  • Dosage - only 0.375g per glass / 0.3g per 100ml, the lowest possible sugar levels for an Extra Dry.

Fresh, young and floral. Perfect as an aperitivo or served with cured meats and elaborate first courses.

Gluten Free
Low Sugar
Low Carbs
Low Sulphites